Conference Day One

8:30 AM Registration and Coffee

8:55 AM Welcome Address

9:00 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair

Industry Overview Keynote

9:20 AM A panorama of strategic, market and policy developments in the payment and mobile payments industry

Convergence Ecosystems Ltd

Examining the growth of mobile payments in emerging and developed countries to give an accurate impression of the size and evelopment of the market
Exploring M-Payments as a building block of broader product offerings
Analysing consumer data from mobile payment use to determine the proliferation of mobile payment technologies
Using data to forecast accurate projections of the future growth and value of the mobile payments ecosystem
Examining consumer consumption patterns, and understanding what drives consumers to engage with these new payment methods
Learning how the incumbent stakeholders might be challenged by new stakeholders in the payments space
Investigating emerging trends and industry success stories to develop a better understanding of how merchants can succeed in the marketplace
Providing indications of UK Volumes, Euro Volumes and Global Volumes of payments
Jean-Stéphane Gourévitch
Managing Director
Mobile Convergence Ecosystems Ltd

Interactive Panel Discussion

9:50 AM Exploring ways in which the Mobile Payments ecosystem has become increasingly fragmented and determining how to manoeuvre this marketplace in order to ensure that you optimise your position in the value chain.

Jean-Stéphane Gourévitch , Managing Director, Mobile Convergence Ecosystems Ltd

Randeep Wilkhu , Senior Investment Manager, T-Venture

To what extent have the markets stakeholders become fragmented in the mobile payments space?
What role does each stakeholder play in this fragmented ecosystem?
What are the challenges associated with having multiple platforms and devices in the mobile marketplace?
Fragmented mobile payment services
Fragmented handset capabilities
How to develop standardisation procedures to create a more cohesive and collaborative ecosystem?
How will common standards drive consumer engagement?
How best to ensure all parties keep up pace with the industry's innovative and competitive nature?
How can mobile payment apps interface across networks and stakeholders?
How best to interact with new stakeholders in non-traditional sectors to avoid further fragmentation of the market?
What are the potential benefits of open-platforms and standardised procedures?
What might these mean for monetising mobile payment business models?

10:30 AM Examining the importance of cohesion and collaboration between stakeholders for driving consumer adoption in the mobile payments ecosystem

ergio Cozzolino , Marketing Mobile Services Development Dept VP, Telecom Italia

Understanding how to build profitable and mutually beneficial partnerships, and use these to drive consumer adoption
Determining how a collaborative industry model can further the potential of the mobile payments ecosystem
How can merchants, FIs and Telcos work together to build mobile payments?
Exploring how a cohesive ecosystem can be used to improve consumer acceptance and engagement in mobile payments
Customising and mixing VAS, to maximize profitability and customer experience
Looking at Apple Pays decision to come to market with their own ecosystem in place, and accessing the extent to which customers value that

Sergio Cozzolino
Marketing Mobile Services Development Dept VP
Telecom Italia

Mohammad Khan , Advisor and Investor, Mobile Commerce and Payments

Reviewing why merchants should be interested in upgrading their payment acceptance infrastructure for mobile payments at both physical stores and online commerce sites

Examining how to create a model that works for merchants and ensures them a good R.O.I in order to make the implementation of new technology worthwhile

Understanding how to minimise the costs of upgrading your existing infrastructure to better facilitate mobile payments and ensure the best R.O.I

Exploring existing mobile payments infrastructure in both developed and emerging markets

Determining how a change in infrastructure will lead to a heightened engagement of mobile payments

Channel Migration Manager, Mashreq Bank

Investigating successful and profitable mobile payments business models and determining the factors which lead to their success
Examining how a fragmented marketplace might affect the potential to monetise your business model.
How does a cohesive market offer considerable advantages?
Developing a better understanding of mobile payments business models, and exploring the changes mobile payments have brought to the traditional payments value chain
Determining how open-platform mobile payments might provide a better model to ensure a ROI
Examining the other benefits of setting up a successful mobile payments model
Client retention or acquisition
Competitive positioning
Exploring how over the top players entering the ecosystem might offer a more profitable model then the co-party model


Examining the current state of payment networks and analysing the merchants space with in them
Analysing how EMVs are perpetuating the dominance of the traditional payment networks and learning how Visa, Mastercard and other key brands are using them to entrench their control over the system
Forcing the hand of merchants with NFC enabled terminals
Networks and issuers trying to control tokenization
Discovering the potential security benefits EMVs bring to merchants and consumers
Greater access to merchants data
Greater chokehold over interchange fees
Lack of transparency in payment networks
Exploring more secure alternatives to payment network solutions
Dynamic Tokens
End to End Encryption
More robust tokens and authorization
Investigating additional legal issues that could arise as a result of these new payment networks
Consumer privacy and protection
Terms and Conditions
Antitrust Issues
Lack of issuer competition for merchants


Exploring ways in which mobile banking can be used as a method of financial inclusion outside of traditional banking methods
For low income and disadvantaged segments of the community
In both developed and developing countries
Investigating the business correspondent models as a means of providing financial services to the unbanked
Is this an effective model for financial inclusion?
Exploring its opportunities and challenges, and alternative models
Examining the potential of mobile banking for financial inclusion and how it will interact with legacy systems
Will Mobile Payments replace the legacy systems completely?
How could branchless banking be the answer to expanding financial access to the unbanked or disadvantaged?


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