Workshop Day 1

8:30 AM Registration and Coffee
9:00 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair

Jean-Stéphane Gourévitch , Managing Director, Mobile Convergence Ecosystems Ltd

Jean-Stéphane Gourévitch
Managing Director
Mobile Convergence Ecosystems Ltd

9:10 AM Examining how Value Added Services can be used to change consumer habits and unlock additional revenue streams
Ian Sayers , Chief Technical Officer, Zapp

Exploring how to drive additional revenue streams through Value Added Services, whilst also facilitating your customers wants and needs
Learning how to create a customised and personalised payment experience for your customers through VAS, whilst maximising profitability and customer engagement
Loyalty schemes
Mobile ticketing
Leveraging Big Data
Examining how to provide VAS that create a more complete payment experience
Ian Sayers
Chief Technical Officer

9:40 AM Determining the role of Big Data in the mobile payment space, and understanding how this can be used for generating additional revenue and creating a personalised payment service

Examining how financial institutions, operators and merchants can use Big Data from M-Payments to unlock added opportunities for their business
Identifying and developing strategies to use this data to generate more revenue and better target your service
Understanding how to gain a good ROI from Big Data in the mobile payment space
Driving consumer adoption through Big Data

10:10 AM Exploring additional uses of NFC Technology and determining how it can be used to enhance the consumer experience

Alistair Rennie , Head of Innovation & Insight, First Rate/Post Office

Discovering additional uses of NFC Technology and how it can be used to provide consumers with quick and convenient information across both traditional and non-traditional sectors
Investigating how NFC can increase interaction between devices to improve convenience and ease of use
Examining how NFC can be a valuable source in the world of marketing
Reaching your target market easier
Increasing consumer engagement
More direct marketing
Alistair Rennie
Head of Innovation & Insight
First Rate/Post Office

10:40 AM Networking Refreshment Break
11:10 AM Consumer Adoption – Will your Mum make mobile payments?

Andy Kulina , Managing Director, Cambridge Loyalty
Consumers make two decisions, consciously or not: Where to Shop and How to Pay. Mobile Payments will affect and make consumers rethink both decisions.

Mum is an analogy for everyone who is outside of the category of Fast Adopters for mobile payments! Your Mum does use a credit card what can we learn from history (when consumers went from cash and cheque to cards) about how to change how we pay:

Your Mum probably has a loyalty card how will loyalty programmes be affected and who will be the winners and losers:
Card Issuers suddenly a requirement once again to fund consumer incentives to make their card front of digital wallet/default card
Merchants Will it be the right play to accept all payment types or pick and choose? How will merchants own loyalty and acquisition programmes need to change to adapt to Mobile Payments?
Consumers Mobile Payments will create a promotion rich environment the Savvy consumer will literally reap rewards!
Your Mum doesnt have a Smart Phone Now what?
Ignore the Power of the Grey Pound at your peril. Saga - the financial services and leisure company for the over 50s said people over the age of 50 accounted for more than 47 per cent of UK household consumer spending in 2012 and over 50s account for over 75% of the UKs wealth. As a result inclusive planning must occur to ensure Mobile Payment adoption isnt directly linked to waiting for the 18-35s to grow older!

Mum already shops on line lets take her on the journey from paying by card to paying by wallet to mobile payments
Andy Kulina
Managing Director
Cambridge Loyalty

11:40 AM Exploring the latest ways in which Mobile Payment Technology can be secured, in order to drive consumer faith and commitment in the ecosystem

Vincenzo Palomba , Senior Manager Mobile Product and Technology Risk, Visa
Analysing the importance of a secure service that rivals traditional payment security in order to improve consumer trust and commitment
Exploring the latest security, procedures and innovations to ensure your mobile payment service is safe and secure
Learning how to overcome security concerns and protect your consumers information, whilst ensuring a secure authentication of the consumer
Exploring how Mobile Payment Technology can help fight Card Not Present fraud.
Why risk it? Analysis of the risks and benefits of Host Card Emulation.
Vincenzo Palomba
Senior Manager Mobile Product and Technology Risk

12:10 PM Networking Lunch Break
1:20 PM Learning how to ensure secure authentication of the customer to develop trust with consumers and merchants within the marketplace

Jim Thomas , Chief Executive Officer, Itemize
Investigating the importance of updating current authentication methods to ensure a successful payment service
Learning how to bind the identity of the user to the authorisation of the transaction in order to overcome security concerns
Understanding how to secure this authentication data and avoid any breaches of information to increase consumer and market trust
Jim Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Joint Q&A;
1:50 PM Assessing how Direct Carrier Billing offers an alternative form of Mobile Payment
Damien Byrne , Senior Manager International Partnerships, Deutsche Telekom
James Patmore , Managing Director EMEA, Boku
The Deutsche Telekom Perspective

Understanding the challenge of implementing a mobile product in the financial world
Determining the consumer benefits of paying via mobile billing for digital services
Ease of use
Deferred payments
New markets
Exploring the potential of paying via mobile or carrier billing for physical goods
The Boku Perspective
Overview of mobile payment types & how carrier billing fits in
How carrier billing works
Value proposition of carrier billing for merchants and consumers
Regulatory challenges for carrier billing in the EU
The new e-money model for carrier billing
Emerging use cases involving carrier billing for physical goods (I.e. Carrier billing being used for the purchase of physical goods).
Damien Byrne
Senior Manager International Partnerships
Deutsche Telekom
James Patmore
Managing Director EMEA

2:40 PM Networking Refreshment Break
3:10 PM Exploring alternative Mobile Wallets in the marketplace and examining the benefits they offer in comparison to an NFC Wallet
Owen Geddes , Founder, Appflare

Examining the current position of the mobile wallet in the m-payments value chain
How can you drive consumer adoption in mobile wallet use?
Exploring alternative mobile wallet options and examining the benefits and challenges of these compared to NFC Wallet
QR code wallets
WAP wallets
Barcode wallets
Determining the most cost effective mobile wallet option to ensure you the best possible ROI
Owen Geddes

3:40 PM Examining ways to help integrate money transfer services across mobile payments
Noman Azhar , Head of Mobile Financial Services, Ufone

Evaluating the role that mobile payments can play in money transfer and how they can increase ROI
Exploring emerging channels for money transfer to give more options to the consumer
Developing an integrated service across all platforms and devices to improve ease of use for the consumer


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